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Antony Hall - Autoscope
Autoscope 2019

Experiments in art and perceptual illusion. Exploring methods used in experimental psychology within the framework of artistic practice.
This practice-based artistic research builds on methods used in experimental psychology and neuroscience. The aim is to explore the phenomenology of multi-sensory perceptual illusion and exploit the creative possibilities that these mechanisms of experience afford within the context of artistic practice. Innovative multimedia experiments are designed using digital and analogue technologies, to manipulate multi-sensory stimuli, and induce illusory experiences.

Workshops explore the possibilities of embodying entirely unfeasible or invisible objects, illusions of facial and bodily distortion during sensory deprivation, and the simulation of out of body experiences. These experiments provide focus points, tools and provocations activated through artistic workshops and performances.

‘Autoscope 2019’  [above] builds on laboratory based simulations of out of body experiences; the portable device allows the participant to freely navigate the world, experiencing themselves in 3rd person, as part of the landscape via a live video feed to a head mounted display. The visual mechanisms are important in this illusion, but tactile and sonic stimuli can further strengthen the effects. The work can be considered as an exploratory perceptual tool, as well as a critique of increasingly prolific immersive virtual art. VR environments typically experienced through head mounted displays.

This is an NWCDTP funded PhD project by Antony Hall [Manchester Metropolitan University] with an advisory team from BEAM Lab [University of Manchester] and the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology [FACT] Liverpool.

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