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ENKI is a series of experiments in bio-interfacing between humans and certain types of Electrogenic Fish .. Ultimately this is achieved through psycho-acoustic audio and visual entrainment as a means of modulating human emotional state. During this process bio-electrical activity is monitored and used as a means to create a feedback loop between organisms.Bio-interface

The research aims to study interaction between tiny bio-electrical fields of both species [human and fish] specifically the they way in which these fields modulate and the means of controlling them. It also aims to discover if it is possible to create a harmonious state of interaction that can be of benefit to both species, no matter how different.

Since 2006 over 400 participants have taken part in four different versions of the experiment.

ENKi introductory video

Experiment 3
Fish and human are isolated in separate rooms - they communicate through the ENKI system which allows translation between human communications to information the fish can understand - making interspecies interaction possible.

The 4m x8m box structure consisting of two compartments.
A small window allows a view through to each of the chambers. The two internal rooms, one with the human [A] is a soundproof room with low lighting - the other with the fish [B] Is lined with material that will shield the experiment from electronic interference.


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Enki article features in 10th edition of el niuton magazine, 'Ecotecnologia'

A-Foundation London,
1 - 4 October 2009
A Foundation's Rochelle School, Shoreditch, London, UK

Open Dialogues;
"The show 'Interspecies' has recently been the subject of debate on the Live Art Jicsmal e-list regarding the ethics of using live animals in art"

Enki discussed in "Art for Animals; Art aimed at the perceptual systems of non-human species" by Matthew Fuller,

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