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Documentation & Press
Since 2006 over 400 participants have taken part in 4 different versions of the experiment. The data is still being analyzed. More documentation, visual Hi-res, and technical specification is available, please contact info@enkitechnology.net

First UK participatory experiments at MOSIM with
Gregory K Byatt,  
ENKi introductory video

Most recently 'ENKI Experiment 3' was commissioned by Arts Catalyst for the show Interspecies.

Above: The fish and human are isolated in separate rooms - they communicate through the ENKI system which translates human biophysical changes into information the fish can understand - making cross species interaction possible. A 4 x 8m structure consisting of two compartments. This box like construction represents an 'Operant Chamber' (a soundproof chamber, to observe, manipulate, and record the behavior of animals). Divided into two internal rooms, [A] is sound proofed for the human and [B] for the fish, contains the tank, and is lined with material that will shield the experiment from electronic interference & sound. A small window allows a view through to each of the chambers. A desk out side is used for monitoring the experiment.

ENKi introductory video.
ArtTube: New Media Art and Creative Technology Collection

ENKi; Edited and directed for scientific magazine PORT by Petr Tomaides during ENTER festival Prague, Cz.

Online re/inter/views

Open Dialogues;
"The show 'Interspecies' has recently been the subject of debate on the Live Art e-list regarding the ethics of using live animals in art"

Enki discussed in "Art for Animals; Art aimed at the perceptual systems of non-human species" by Matthew Fuller,

Interview with Regine of

Enki article features in 10th edition of el niuton magazine, 'Ecotecnologia'

ENKi; Edited and directed
for scientific magazine PORT
by Petr Tomaides

Artists talking,

Open Frequency - new
contemporary art


Expanding the Lab:
A Conversation Between
Artists Working with Science